The Space Place .... 

We are a privately owned small "Dome Free"  observatory that have some of the best night skies in Julimar near the beautiful town of Toodyay, Western Australia.

We provide a  specialized night sky observing, Astronomy Experience for all visitors.  We are here to teach, inspire & help people grow in their knowledge of space and the canopy of the natural night sky is our classroom.

Visitors get to experience the wonders of space, outdoors under the clear dark night skies of Julimar! Here you will see the highlights of the Universe and be guided by our knowledgeable Astronomers and night sky enthusiasts. Viewing the depths of space through our telescopes which we set up each night for viewing which will  reveal and unlock at least some of the secrets of our Universe!

Our astronomers and night sky enthusiasts, who are on hand to answer your questions will reveal fascinating facts and explain what you are seeing through our telescopes! Just over one hours drive from the bright city lights we experience dark night skies for wondrous views of the stars, planets, galaxies and more.

Arrive before the Sun goes down and bring a picnic along with you and relax and unwind, then wander through our 6 acres of beautiful English country &  Australian Native bush-land Cartref Park Country Gardens, before evening stargazing begins. Fun for all the family in an relaxed atmosphere.

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